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Wednesday, August 22

and A Tough Day in Court

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Tuesday, August 21

and Brennan

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Monday, August 20

and McGahn Gabbin'

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Friday, August 17

Thursday, August 16

and Tuesday's Primaries Recap

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Wednesday, August 15

and Dog Days of Summer: Omarosa

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Tuesday, August 14

and Strzok OUT

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Monday, August 13

Charlottesville: One Year On;

and Playing Chicken with Turkey

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Friday, August 10

NYC Uber Freeze;

and Space Force: Full Speed Ahead

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Thursday, August 09

Free Speech or Hate Speech?;

and Ohio Special Election

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Wednesday, August 08

Primary Season Beings;

and Chicago's Weekend from Hell

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Tuesday, August 07

and Iran: Return of the Sanctions

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Monday, August 06

and Infowars BANNED

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Friday, August 03

Trump to Roll Back Fuel Standards;

and Racism at the New York Times?

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Thursday, August 02

Trump Calls for End to Witch Hunt;

and Alex Jones Faces Sandy Hook Families

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Wednesday, August 01

3D-Printed Guns Are Coming;

Paul Manafort Trial Begins;

and President Trump v. King James

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Tuesday, July 31

Medicare for All;

Recap: Collusion is Not a Crime;

Religious Liberty Task Force;

and Koch Brothers Ditch Trump?

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Monday, July 30

Taking Stock of Facebook;

and Recap: The Michael Cohen Tapes

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Friday, July 27

Trump Bans CNN Reporter;

and Speaker Jordan?

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Thursday, July 26

Georgia Gubernatorial Race Heats Up;

U.S.-E.U. Trade Tensions Abate;

and Sex, Lies, and Audiotape

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Wednesday, July 25

Kavanaugh v. Nixon;

and Insecurity Clearance

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Tuesday, July 24


and FBI FISA Lie?

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Monday, July 23

and Israel's Nation-State Bill

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Friday, July 20

Facebook: Stuck in the Middle;

and McFaul(ing) Out of Favor

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Thursday, July 19

and E.U. Fines Google $5B

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Wednesday, July 18

Obama Speaks in S. Africa;

and From Russia with Love: Part II

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Tuesday, July 17

and From Russia with Love

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Monday, July 16

and The Special Relationship

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Friday, July 13

Strzok Testifies;

and NATO Summit: The Last Supper

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Thursday, July 12

NATO Summit: Cage Match Edition;

Missed Family Reunions;

and Wrestling Allegations

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Wednesday, July 11

Look Back: Brett Kavanaugh;

and Saving Thais

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Tuesday, July 10

European NATO Summit;

and The Trade War Continues

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Monday, July 09

North Korea: Pompeo's Weekend Out;

Look Back: Uncivil Society;

and EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Resigns

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Tuesday, July 03

Barrett Leads SCOTUS Speculation;

and Leftist Neighbor to the South

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Monday, July 02

#FamiliesBelongTogether Protests;

Dems: Determined or Divided?;

and Repeal of Roe v. Wade?

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Friday, June 29

Abolish ICE;

New Deal for NATO?;

and World Cup Tiebreaker

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Thursday, June 28

The Hottest Seat in Town;

Goodbye Mandatory Union Dues;

and Immigration Bill Flop

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Wednesday, June 27

Trump Travel Ban a Go;

Pro-Life, Free Speech;

and The Midterms: November is Coming

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Tuesday, June 26

Maxine in Hot Waters;

More Support for Gerrymandering;

and Harley to Offshore Production

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Monday, June 25

Red Hen, Blue Hen;

and In Depth: Open Borders

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Friday, June 22

E-Commerce Sales Tax;

Department of Labor... cation?;

and Look Back: American Apocalypse

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Thursday, June 21

Trump Ends Family Separations;

and A Tale of Two Bills

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Wednesday, June 20

New Insurance Plans Sidestep ACA;

U.S. Rebukes U.N.;

and U.S.-China Trade War Escalates

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Tuesday, June 19

Bordering on Insanity;

Trump's Star Wars;

and Gerrymandering Still Here for Now

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Monday, June 18

Happy...? Father's Day;

Roger Stone: Collusion or Setup?;

and Discriminating Admissions Criteria

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Friday, June 15

The James Comey Report Released;

Agent Strzok, Deep State Leader;

Separation Anxiety;

and Trouble at the Trump Foundation

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Thursday, June 14

AT&T-Time Warner Merger;

Trump Tweet Dashes Primary Bid;

and Cohen: Singing Like a Bird?

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Wednesday, June 13

And the Nobel Prize Goes To...;

Taking the Pulse on Gun Control;

and Seattle Repeals Head Tax

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Tuesday, June 12

Ohio: Get off our Rolls;

No Asylum for Domestic Abuse Victims;

The End of Net Neutrality;

and Robert DeNiro's Inner Raging Bull

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Monday, June 11

Trump-Trudeau Go Toe-to-Toe;

A Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing;

Singapore or Bust;

and Facebook Under Fire

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Friday, June 08

Showdown on Immigration;

G6 + 1 = G7?;

More Controversy for EPA Head Pruitt;

and CNN's Main Event: Cuomo v. Sanders

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Thursday, June 07

Primarily about the Primaries;

Trump Pardons Alice Johnson;

Google Discontinues Military AI Project;

and Where in the world is Melania Trump?

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Wednesday, June 06

Iran Nuclear Deal: Back to Radioactive;

Trump Disinvites Super Bowl Champions;

United States of... Starbucks?;

and Manafort: Let's Get Our Story Straight

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Tuesday, June 05

Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision;

Wilbur Goes to China;

The President is Missing;

and Strife on the Israel-Gaza Border

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Monday, June 04

North Korea Nuclear Summit;

Barr-Bees: Comedians Gone Wild;

Trump's Tariff Announcement;

and The Intensifying Mueller Investigation

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